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Optimizing Plan Design In Your 401(k) Plan

Designing a 401(k) plan that meets your organization’s benefit goals can be complex. In this installment of the “Ask the 401(k) Professionals” webinar series, learn how the right plan design can maximize the effectiveness of your 401(k) plan in key areas, including:

  • contribution maximization
  • employee participation
  • compliance with nondiscrimination testing

Live Webinar
March 7, 2019
12:00–1:00 p.m. ET

Navigating a 401(k) Plan Audit

Federal law requires that employee benefit plans such as 401(k) plans undergo an annual audit if they have 100 or more eligible participants at the beginning of the plan year. For many organizations, retirement plan audits can be a daunting task. In this installment of the “Ask the 401(k) Professionals” webinar series, examine how to best prepare for an audit and ensure a smooth audit process. The session will cover:

  • the typical audit timeline
  • what the auditor needs to perform the audit
  • what the auditor does with the information gathered
  • specific areas of interest to the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor

Live Webinar
May 9, 2019
12:00–1:00 p.m. ET

Ask the 401(k) Experts: Best Practices for Retirement Plan Management

Many employers that sponsor 401(k) retirement plans are unaware of current best practices for creating, administering, and monitoring a high-quality plan without exposing the organization to unnecessary risk. In this webinar, receive an overview of best practices and get answers to your plan management questions. You will walk away with practical ideas for boosting your organization’s retirement plan success.

Live Webinar
July 11, 2019
12:00–1:00 p.m. ET

On-Demand Webinars

View one of our recorded presentations on managing and monitoring retirement plans successfully. Or, if you are a retirement plan sponsor or adviser for an association and are looking to enhance your knowledge, skills and business, sign up for a live online workshop (above) led by experts in the 401(k) industry.  


new programDelivering Effective Employee Financial Wellness Programs

In this installment of the Ask the 401(k) Professionals webinar series, attendees will learn that by installing a thorough financial wellness plan, employers can help employees pay down their debt, save more for emergencies, and be retirement-ready with appropriate savings—reducing employee stress levels and improving productivity in the process.

new programRetirement Plan Governance, Fiduciaries, and Structures – The New Frontier

In this installment of the “Ask the 401(k) Professionals” series, sponsored by the ASAE Retirement Trust, attendees will learn important tips and tactics to ensure awareness of fiduciary liabilities relating to 401(k) plans as well as explore newly allowed structures – Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs).

new program Drive Employee Engagement in Your Retirement Plan

In this installment of the “Ask the 401(k) Professionals” series, plan sponsors will learn more about key strategies behind better plan design and driving employee engagement to achieve better retirement outcomes.

Ask the 401(k) Nerds

This webinar will focus on delivering a broad overview of the best practices covered over the past year in the "Ask the 401(k) Professionals" series. Topics include best practices for creating, administering, and monitoring a high quality 401(k) plan; key 401(k) plan-related tasks and ideas for managing them; and practical ideas for boosting your retirement plan success.

Best Practices for 401(k) Plan Administration

This webinar will focus on best practices and key insights on 401(k) plan administration. Participants will learn which administrative activities are required of 401(k) plan sponsors; understand the timing of essential activities; and take away practical ideas for ensuring all activities are accomplished effectively and on time.

Best Practices for Benchmarking 401(k) Plan Health

This webinar will focus on the key information and best practices sponsors need to know in order to use “real” plan health metrics, such as retirement readiness and outcomes, to assess the health and effectiveness of their 401(k) plans.

Best Practices for Hiring and Benchmarking a 401(k) Adviser

This webinar will focus on the reasons why hiring an adviser is important, how to select an adviser and how to benchmark your current broker’s or adviser’s services and fees.

401(k) Committee Best Practices

This webinar will focus on the key information and best practices plan sponsors need to know related to establishing and running their 401(k) committees.

Best Practices for 401(k) Participant Education:

This webinar will focus on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to 401(k) plan participant education. Data and key insights will be shared, along with best practices for how to better engage your employees with your retirement program.

401(k) Participant Readiness 101: Help your employees and boost everyone’s bottom line

Savvy employers understand that fostering retirement plan readiness is a key component of financial wellness, and a good business move. Watch this webinar learn more about retirement plan readiness, financial wellness, and why caring about these concepts can help your bottom line.

401(k) Investment Line-up 101: Thinking Beyond the Returns

Did you know you need to be a prudent professional when determining and monitoring your investment menu? During this webinar, we will cover key information on the creation and management of retirement plan investment line-ups and provide key information in these areas.

401(k) Fees 101: Know Your Fees; Manage Your Fees

Did you know plan sponsors have responsibilities related to the fees associated with the retirement plans they offer. What’s also true is that even small employers can face a lawsuit if they don’t attend to this important component of their retirement plan. Find out how to identify, understand, and manage your 401(k) plan fees.

401(k) Risks 101: Be Aware; Be Prepared

Are you and your organization at risk? In this webinar we cover fiduciary and retirement plan governance responsibilities and the inherent risk associated with these responsibilities. We will discuss the top two risk areas involved in offering a 401(k) plan to your employees and provide practical tips for risk management in these areas.

Don’t Be Asleep at the Switch: Engage in 401(k) Best Practice Approaches Now to Avoid Pitfalls Later

Learn the basics regarding fiduciary responsibilities and best practice approaches. If your organization offers a retirement plan and you have any role or responsibilities relative to selecting, administering, or monitoring that plan, this webinar is for you!